Vision, mission and goals


Practice and management of the types of activities that contribute to the development of economy in jawf and capacity development for businesses.


Represent the interests of the business sector Chamber jawf before all bodies and national, regional and international institutions working for the protection and development of the business sector and promote domestic industries and increase their contribution to the national economy.

Strategic objectives:

1. enhancing the contribution of the business sector in the region in economic and social development.

2. monitoring and follow-up of all internal and external economic variables and analyzing its impact on the business environment in the region.

3. work on the development of the investment climate in the region by contributing to the development of Saudi industries list and facilitate the establishment of support industries.

4. supervision of the implementation of national development programmes.

5. upgrading SME sector.

6. participate with government agencies in drafting executive regulations and policies related to the business sector.

7. develop and promote exports of particular domestic products and foreign trade in General.

8. activate the practice of social responsibility in the room and all business sectors in the region.

9. contribute to the resettlement of the workforce in business facilities.

10. to promote a positive image of entrepreneurs in society and media.

11. to strengthen the relationship between the room and the other chambers of Commerce and industry and the Council of Saudi Chambers.