Address by President

Praise be to Allah, and enough prayer and peace on the Prophet, which has chosen the Prophet Muhammad by the best prayer and delivery.
Perhaps needless to say, starting to be noted that the Chamber of Commerce in Al Jouf an independent body established not-for-profit service to its members of the business and those who represent them and caring for their interests in front of the public authorities. As it is the incubator, which hosts its shores all multilateral activities that directly and indirectly aimed at the business area of ​​Al-Jawf and trying to expand its services and diversifying the base and keep pace with the developments of the times while maintaining the spirit of the system that are subject to his room and work flying from it.
The rapid changes in the performance of organizations around the world for its rapid transformation in the quality of services and the method performed and the template that provides these services to the members of those organizations has imposed itself strongly is no longer there Services offers a primitive way forerunner of times there is no longer a place for those who believed that he could provide Services ancient primitive Bakualbha, Valmngarat rapidly become a feature of this era. Will not be an exaggeration if we say that among all the development and evolution of the development of another and between all invention and the invention of the invention of another and between each other for the chance and the opportunity to race in the provision of services third chance.
We have the Chamber’s management repeatedly in this session 1434-1438 and since he came to work tasks inside the room as an authority legislation to try to repair and arrange for the construction of the home and at all levels began to human building and through the building place through to artistic and technical construction, which helps the room in the performance of its mission to which fully satisfy the consciences of those who work and the satisfaction of the first recipients of the service and the authorities responsible for the control room alike. The Governing Council has sought in the technical side to quickly switch to electronic organized labor and then lifted in performance efficiency on the one hand and minimize the error in manual labor on the other hand proportion.
Among the working-mail system, which the Board of Directors of the Chamber sought to achieve preparation interactive website keep pace with the aspirations of the business and allows them to communicate with their room and therefore positive communication world ocean around us. As well as this site in order to be able to perform the letter assigned to the room performance and seeking new ways to boost economic development in the Jawf region.
and the public here and in this fast urgency Anthzha opportunity to go for business in the region hope that they are confident that their room represented by the Council of administration will spare no effort and will spare no time for their service and take care of their interests and prove to them the Board of Directors of the Chamber -bazn Allah that election and chosen to represent men Business in this session was the foundation stone of a new era in the life of the room.
I can not fail in the end to go thanks to the members of the boards of directors at previous sessions on what they gave during the previous years of the room, each according to what prepares him of the potential of understanding episodes in a series of chamber development and their fingerprints remember and thank.
I would also like to thank those in charge of the work the executive management of the Chamber General Secretariat and the staff in the head office and branches on what they have and they are doing efforts to raise work efficiency inside the room, wishing them more success for business and economic development in the region.
thanks go to His Royal Highness Prince Fahd bin Badr bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Governor of Al-Jouf region on what he is doing of an effort to serve the region as a whole and its support for the success of the room in the performance of its mission to the fullest in particular.
May God help us all to love and satisfaction

Chairman of the Board
D.hamdan bin Abdullah Samrin