Word secretary-general

اBased on the directives of the Chamber of management, and an extension of endeavors to achieve a quantum leap in the services offered by the Chamber, it has grown the need to become the Chamber of electronic services and Nabih technique contribute to the facility to associate an official dealings with the room, where inaugurated the room its website to interface modern interact in it and associate with all agencies and bodies in general, and all stakeholders.

Did not close the room in this aspect for promoting cadres for business development provided to them by attracting the most prominent young talent in the region and to work on the appointment of many in positions of administrative work complement system in the room, as well as to develop the skills of workers through specialized courses include all employees.

And developed the room facilities in order to provide the best service to keep pace with the aspirations of business in the region, where the Hyatt associate lounge environment allow workers integration in the performance of functional work and service associate in a short time, Masquerades the room at the most prominent technology, technical and office tools in addition to the hall waiting for the auditors.

The room has expanded recently to identify the categories of special privileges contributions; achieve the principle of discrimination, which gives different grades different features room seeking to provide its adherents include several privileges, services and vary according to the degree of participation.

 We ask God Almighty to help and guide, Every year, you okay