Exhibitions and conferences

Exhibitions and conferences

Manufacture glass containers for filling different products
Preparation and processing of silica sand which is used in the manufacture of glass products
Tanning and leather finishing hollow and processing of leather
Salt industry
Filament yarn industry natural wool, mixture
Brick and block red pottery
Opportunities for the food industry
Administration presses for the production of olives
Complex of canning and preservation of fruit and vegetable
Manufacture of pickles
Potato starch derivatives industry the semolina and flour
Industry feed for ruminants of agricultural residues
Manufacture of fodder for ruminants
Investment opportunities in the area of rehabilitation of tourist facilities
Establishment of Sakaka Park for cultural heritage (Castle Zaabal – Be’er Sheva sisra – neighborhood rib – recreation area)
Domat Al-Jandal Park for cultural heritage (Qasr marid – Omar mosque – neighborhood shield – old market – Al-Jouf region Museum – recreation area)
Facilities for ecotourism in protected free
Recreational facilities on Lake Domat Al-Jandal
Hotel project (5) Star 100 bed capacity

Opportunities in manufacturing manufacturing importance. And the imperative to embrace industrial orientation.
Means the conversion of raw materials to manufacturing inexpensive available during peak production to manufactured materials in a safe manner and provided year-round markets at reasonable prices, you can also take advantage of industry wastes remaining from the manufacturing process in manufacturing industries support constitute an important addition to industrial output. Any industrialization is an integrated process aimed at transforming inputs — often cheap price-to-value and high-quality output. Among the State economic strategy focus on modern technology to keep pace with the requirements of the times and rapid technological development could shift development rates are appropriate and satisfactory. Manufacturing is one of the important axes of the strategy. The industry has many benefits and advantages that would promote the region socially and economically.
Diversification of income sources.
Maximum utilization of resources and available raw materials and reduce.
Strengthening the trade balance for the Queen to reduce imports, so that the import of manufactured cost the State vast sums. In 2007 – for example-manufactured articles accounted for the higher value of imports (222,848) million of that amount represents the percentage (66%) of the total value of imports. {Source: Central Department of statistics and information}
The abundance of goods and products throughout the year
Employing national manpower
Increasing per capita income and gross national product through increased production and the resulting added value

First: opportunities in large projects:-

A. manufacture glass containers for filling different products:
This project aims to establish manufacturing glass products such as mugs, tableware, walkasat and glass vials and bottles, vessels used in filling various materials. Rectifiers and justification of the project:
Provide the raw material for industry, and is silica sand is available in a number of areas in the new area of (Melih, Kunming, Tabuk Road area) where the sand with high content of silica (silicon dioxide percentage reaches (96.3 – 99.8%) of the properties are well suited for use in the glass industry and its products. in view of the increase in food products such as oils, pickles, sauces, jams, juices, the demand for glass industries is increasing steadily.

B. draft preparation and processing of silica sand which is used in the manufacture of glass products
Rectifiers and justification of project: availability of raw materials in many locations in the region.
Target market: plants for flat glass and glass products and packaging in the region and adjacent areas, export markets.

C. draft tanning and leather finishing hollow and processing of leather:
Ingredients and justification of the project:-the most important justification for establishing the project provides climate and environment, as well as take advantage of the growing livestock skins-and that neglect and squandered often-tanned leather production and CAP and processed for the manufacture of leather products.
Target market: Saudi Arabia

D-salt industry features and reasons for and objectives of the project: the abundance of raw, where there are many sites to salt marshes in Wadi Sarhan notably (bottom of hazozaa – its impact-k) can be used to extract salt and purified and used for different purposes. And extracts the salt from the marshes now primitive and expansion in this area can increase the areas exploited and introduction of modern methods and systems for extraction and purification and refining salt and fill and then marketed, especially as he enters in many industries such as the manufacture of chlorine and caustic soda and sodium carbonate is also used in the preservation of meat, fish, bread, dairy products and other chemical industries. The project aims to produce a soft repeating of salt or coarse salt for industrial uses.
Target market: the domestic market and markets of Saudi Arabia
Economic impact of opportunity: creating additional employment opportunities – reducing imports – increased per capita GDP.
E-filament yarn industry natural wool and mixed: production of natural wool and yarn mixture and use it rather than strands of natural wool imported from abroad and bass high, and shame can be used in the textile industries of Sufism such as carpets, blankets and hair …
Rectifiers and justification of the project:
Availability of raw wool from livestock in the region, which represent the main source of raw material, live in jawf large herds of livestock.
Target market:-textile factories in the Kingdom, export markets both regionally and globally.
The economic impact of the opportunity:-the creation of new jobs to accommodate the number of people in the region who have practical experience of the industry and gained some wool yarn production sites or from family activities to Bedouin, known in the industry – increased exports-increase in per capita GDP for the region. F. draft extraction and preparation of light aggregate from basalt:.
Rectifiers and justification of the project:
Basalt rocks, ores available in large quantities in the region althaiat sites and mountain reservoir. Target market:-the construction sector in the Kingdom.

G-brick and block red pottery:-
The project aims to produce brick and block red pottery in jawf, which currently cover most need of such products from other regions such as Medina, which increases the cost to the consumer.
Rectifiers and justification of the project:
This justifies the existence of the project and availability of basic raw material in the region as the girl (PUG) in several locations in the region and the most important area of follicles located north of Domat Al-Jandal and are the most suitable raw materials for the industry in terms of mineral and chemical composition, quantity and ease of exploitation.
Target market:-the construction sector in the region and neighbouring areas.
The economic impact of the opportunity:-contribute to cover the increasing demand for construction materials as a result of the construction boom in the region, leading to lower prices-create new jobs-increase in per capita GDP.

II: opportunities for the food industry:-
Further to its area of comparative superiority in agriculture, it can say it has been an agricultural and agricultural projects have proliferated in all deferral products and varied burst of market needs. So can be replaced by horizontal and vertical expansion in agriculture industrialization trend and take advantage of available capital in the manufacturing of many products, with a focus on food processing to take advantage of the many raw materials provided by agriculture, especially those seasonal products which are available in abundance at certain times and very rare at other times. This disparity in production from last season, necessarily lead to varying prices according to supply and demand theory. At the time of production and prices low abundance indices barely cover production costs and perhaps cost heavy losses on farms and vice versa in the seasons of scarcity where a large gap between supply and demand, thereby depriving the consumer of the low-income get needs at an affordable price. Thus affects product and consumer alike. Agricultural production and food manufacturing are two sides of the same coin and affect each other food manufacturing is an indication of the progress of agricultural production and raising the added value of agricultural crops and increasing farm income and reduces Sinfonia, and contributes to the development of the national economy and to achieve food security and at the same time contributes to the improvement of the trade balance of the State by providing hard currency that debilitating import from abroad.Hence the importance of orientation to food manufacturing by establishing factories for the production of the output of cash crops such as olives and dates, adding to the canneries and drying vegetables and fruits of all kinds with a huge freezer to save seasonal products to benefit them in times of scarcity. Among the investment opportunities available in this area:-

A. establishment of the contemporary production of olives
Table olive, the project aims to increase the use of olives and get pure olive oil and table olives and to benefit from the profits resulting from the process of era in livestock feed.
Ingredients and justification of the project: availability of raw materials where the area is faulting, Jouf, in particular, the cultivation of olive trees, which proved successful. Target market: Jouf region and other regions, export markets.
Economic impact of opportunity: contribution to cover the growing demand for products of all kinds, creating new jobs, improving the trade balance for the State to increase and decrease, increase per capita GDP.

B-complex for canning and preservation of vegetables and fruits.
Ingredients and justification of the project indicated in the previous presentation of the production area of vegetables and fruits, which increases the need for market at peak production is sold at very low prices and surplus may crash, and the other side is less relevant product supply at other times quite rare or non-existent altogether, in order to address this discrepancy required orientation for manufacturing and packing of seasonal products, which reduces the Sinfonia and return investor breaker.

C-manufacturing pickles project aims to take advantage of the olive fruit and vegetables such as cucumber and pepper root and others through the process of pickling for including the benefits of light and the supply of the body with necessary minerals.
Justification of the project: the abundance of raw materials of agricultural products.
Target market: Al Jouf, Saudi Arabia.

D-potato starch derivatives industry the semolina and flour:-the project aims to provide for the needs of the region and an estimated proportion of the Kingdom’s needs

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